Tuesday, April 6, 2010


It's such an experience being pregnant. :o) Now that i'm showing, and it's obvious that i'm pregnant, not fat, I still get caught off guard when people ask me about my pregnancy. What's funnier is that most people believe they are the authority on being pregnant. "What are you having" "A boy" "Yeah, I could tell." lol It's entertaining. Thankkfully, no one has come up to me to rub my belly like I'm a good luck charm or something, depending on the mood I'm in they could regret it very much. haha

It's also been interesting to read all the stuff on the internet about what week I'm in and not be a hypochondriac! I've read so many different things and go, oh my goodness! That's me! lol I will say though, it's no fun sneezing!

We have Wyatt's room painted! Wes and mom helped ever so much! :o) The main color is a pale green and the accent wall is a mural of the bedding. We have a couple of random squirrels like over the window and on another wall, we're hoping to get the furniture in the next few weeks and then I'll paint a bunny on another wall. I want to make sure we place the crib and such where we want it before I paint the bunny, I wanna be able to see him! Here's a pic of what we painted :o)

And here's a preggy pic of the preggy belly :o)

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