Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wyatt's Room

I put on facebook a few days ago that I was having a harder time deciding on Wyatt's room than we had deciding on his name. lol SO many options, SO many decisions to make, and once you finally make one, it's opens a whole new door to more decisions. For a VERY indecisive person, this is not good. haha

We decided the first decision we needed to make was his furniture. Once we picked that out, it would narrow down the fabrics and color schemes that would match it. We went to two different stores, saw lots of furniture we liked, but after figuring out the quality, the color and the pieces that were offered, we picked Simmons Kids Furniture. It's BEUATIFUL! Here's a picture:

Wes saw it and liked it immediately, I on the other hand, took three hours to finally decide that was the one I wanted. haha

So, now on to bedding! OH GOODNESS! Looking on the internet and such, we first found a couple that we liked, but didn't love. We wanted something boyish, but not too babyish, so we didn't even know if we wanted to have little animals, or cartoons, or little trucks or whatever. We wanted someting that Wyatt would like for at least a few years. Out of everything we saw, we thought we would try for the color scheme brown and blue. THere were a few patch work ones we really liked, but we didn't want something boring either! haha

While we were at the store picking out furniture, Wes saw this. Once again, he immediately liked it, and it has taken me a while to be fully on board with it. Don't get me wrong, I think it's great, but it's not what I had in mind. I am now sold on it :o) but I didn't remember seeing it on Babies R Us' website..... because they don't sell it! AH! So instead of being able to register at just one place, we're now going to have to register at two. But it's worth it. Here's a picture of it:

So now that we've decided these few things, we now have to decide what color to paint the walls and such. But we're SUPER excited!

So now you've gotten a little glimpse of how completely indecisive I am, and what it's like to try to make me make a decision. I LOVE my hubby and he's ever so very patient. For this, and many other things, I am VERY THANKFUL!

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